Depression. The Sad Truth! Blog Series on Mental Health Part 1

Depression: P-Psychiatry. a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than warranted by any objective reason.

What are you feeling right now as you are reading this sentence? What is your mood?  Ask yourself; why you started reading this blog post?

I imagine the reason is because you have been suffering from depression and you want answers, you long for reason where reason does not exist.  You experience sadness, dejection and despair and you are hoping this blog might help lift the clouds in which you live.  Maybe there is a void within you; that you want to fill.  A darkness present where you dream light would exist!

I myself have been there, many a time and for many years. I would quite often spend my days going through the motions, simply trying to get by, until bedtime.  You are not alone!  Millions of others experience the same feelings you are having right now.  You, like myself, have searched high a low to understand what is wrong with you and how you can fix yourself.  I have picked up many a book, read articles, sought counseling and guidance to try to figure out what renders me so sad.

This blog is about my personal journey through life, through sadness, through darkness and most importantly, through me.  I have written the truths I found along my way and the psychological facts I accepted because of them.  For so long I suffered, fell victim to my inner most feelings, core beliefs and emotions.  My inner genius is a heart for others, to teach and to guide people to healthier mental versions of themselves.

The content of this book isn’t magic and although while reading, you may experience a few “ah ha” moments, it takes a lot work, discipline and change to help yourself be a mental warrior. Nothing happens overnight, change takes time and patience.  It took me years to come to the point where I surrendered to change, but only a few months to begin implementing them and living it.

I write this blog in hopes as many people who will read it can emancipate themselves as I have.  Join me in my story and tell your friends to follow as well as I lay it out as I have come to know it, myself.